I am always getting updated on the latest design trends, and I have a high adaptability with clients.

My professional trajectory has gone through different agencies as OBB Advertising & More and DRC Communication in Barcelona.
As time progressed I decided to establish my own Studio in Barcelona, called Qualsevol Studio, that gave me the opportunity to collaborate with big agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Microbio, The Partner, Wunderman, Café, and JWT.

Currently, I am living in Murcia where I have been working like a designer for Bang! I am branding for clients like Llaollao, Enae, Murcia’s Department of Quality, etc…I am still working on several projects with different clients.
I consider myself an enthusiast of design and communication, focused on the online world, but also would like to highlight my passion for graphic design, web design, and branding.
My education has its origin in School of Art in Murcia, as a Superior Technician in Image. My education continued at the Groc School of Barcelona as a Superior Technician in Graphical Advertising.